The band met and was formed through a series of Phil Vicario’s solo shows in Greenwich Village’s music pub “Sullivan Hall”. Phil had moved to New York City from a small town in PA to pursue a career in advertising and took advantage of the city’s thriving music scene to showcase some of the early songs he wrote. Phil met keyboardist Mike McConnell, who had also moved to New York from PA along with drummer Charles Kunken (NY native) and quickly formed the beginnings of Left Me Bashful. The band aligned on recording a few of Phil's newly written songs, and decided to professionally record their 1st EP. One of the songs, Honeysuckle, became one of the bands most successful recordings. 

Hearts in the Right Place EP (2009)

The debut EP “Heart’s in the Right Place” was recorded and produced by Alan Weatherhead (Sound of Music Studios) in Richmond VA. The 4th track “Honeysuckle” was featured in the romantic comedy motion picture “Exit Strategy”(produced by Big Boy of Power 106FM). The 2nd track off the EP “Sweet Tea” was selected as “Song of the Day” by the indie music blog “Eat, Sleep, Breathe,”. Phil has admitted Sweet Tea is a collection of memories from his frequent visits to Hilton Head Island as well as his stay in Charleston, SC (it's dark on rainbow row). Additional tunes from this EP were also selected by Indie Weekly, ruKus Radio and CACH Radio. In addition, LMB was featured on Beaconpass, BeatCrave, as well as the Jane and Deli Magazine.

Horrible Calls EP (2011)

Returning to Sound of Music Studios in Richmond VA during the Fall of 2010, the band recorded newly written songs, which featured darker lyrics and more complex melodies than the simple and sweet melodies of their 1st EP. A loss of a job along with heartache drove the lyrics of the album titled song "Horrible Calls"which speaks about the songwriters depressed state while seeking help until the storm is over. During the recording process, the band met Chicago native Brian Walsdorf (guitar) at Piano’s, a venue the band has been performing at regularly. A few weeks later, recent add Brian runs into established violinist at the bar under his apartment (NYC’s West Village bar Wilfie & Nell). Brian and Pauline are an immediate fit and are featured on Horrible Calls, where they heavily influence the albums complex sound and emotion. 

Dressing Room EP (2013)

Pauline introduces the band to drummer Grant Braddock (American Idiot on Broadway) and Bassist Paul Frazier (David Byrne) who end up joining the band at the end of 2010 where the newly formed group headlined at the Mercury Lounge as well as playing regularly at NYC’s top music venues: The Studio at Webster Hall, Pianos, the legendary Bitter End, Arlene’s Grocery, The Living Room, Knitting Factory and Rockwood Music Hall. Presented by Sound 311, LMB showcased at Gramercy Theater (Blender) for Live Nation’s “Music YouWant.” LMB has also appeared at the Cape May Singer-Songwriter Festival (2011) as well as the Figment Festival on Governor’s Island (2010) and “Relay for Life” at Columbia University.

The song "Down at the Bar", which is a direct reference to the UES bar Merrion Square, is about Phil's first experiences living alone and finding some comfort at the bar underneath his studio. The song inspires the group to record the 3 song EP "Dressing Room", (produced by Colby Devereux at Copperfish Sound Studios, Brooklyn NY) to capture the bands revamped sound which is a near live recording of 3 new songs. Dressing Room was chosen as the EP title to reflect the bands ritual of meeting at the LES bar (which is also a co-op clothing boutique for emerging local designers) for pre show drinks with friends.

Since the release of the bands 3rd EP, LMB continues to perform songs at established NYC venues, while songwriter Phil Vicario writes new songs for their upcoming 4th album.

All 3 EPs are available for sale on iTunes, Amazon. Streaming is also available on Spotify


Vocals, Guitar / Phil Vicario




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Dressing Room

by Left Me Bashful